Retail Petroleum and Convenience Store Training & Consulting

Bonnie Wells’ earliest memories seem to evolve around the retail gasoline industry. To get to her house, you turned at the Cities Service Station. Saturday mornings involved a visit to Grimmer’s 66 Service with her dad, who also worked for Phillips as a delivery driver. When the neighborhood kids walked to school, they would cut through Moon Mullin’s Standard Station. A rite of passage was jumping over the open air oil change pit. It was greasy and deep and sure to hold at least one forgotten dinosaur. No one ever fell in, but they all jumped it at least once. Bonnie’s future husband worked as a gas attendant at the local Marathon Station, where she always needed to fill up her old Ford. It seemed inevitable that retail gasoline would somehow play a part in her future life.

Bonnie graduated from Purdue University in December of 1977 with a B.S. in Business Management. She and her husband opened Crown Point Texaco/Firestone on May 24, 1978 as new dealers. By 1982 the opportunity to purchase a local Marathon Station came to be. By 1988 they took over another Marathon Station converting it to a Convenience Store and closed the Texaco operation. Bonnie ran the C-Store while her husband ran the Bay operation. All this was in addition to raising their three children.

In 1999 Bonnie started work for LJT as Special Projects Administrator. She now is the Chief Financial Officer as well as a trainer. She uses her hands-on experience to better connect with her students. She knows that learning business management in a book is no comparison to learning it in the real world.

Bonnie is  also Past National President for Delta Theta Tau Sorority, a non-sectarian, non-education based, philanthropic women’s organization.