Retail Petroleum and Convenience Store Training & Consulting



The North Texas Business Alliance (NTBA) would like to thank you for conducting four great training sessions at the NTBA office. Our members stayed energetic and attentive throughout the training.

The positive response we have received from members has been overwhelming and I believe that we will have a full house during the next sessions. Continuing education and supplemental training will help our members and NTBA succeed long term.

Please accept our sincere gratitude for your efforts and our appreciation to you for being part of the NTBA family. It was a pleasure to host you at the NTBA office and we hope that you will continue to provide value added training opportunities for the foreseeable future.Britt Lyon – Chief Operating Officer, North Texas Business Alliance



…Mark Wells and Greg Price were the Trainers for this Dealer Workshop and I would give them an overall strong rating . This is the 3rd time I have had the opportunity to be a part of Mark’s Classes and he is a very dynamic, knowledgable, and articulate speaker. He was able to work the overriding theme of  “working with the ethnic dealer” into the class that was designed as how we better service and communicate with dealers overall and provide them with tools to succeed in a hyper competitive market. There were a number of takeaways from the class from my teams’ standpoint as I could see the light bulbs going off consistently. …. The biggest takeaway for me was the exercise the group of 46 split into two and one group put down the most imperative issues that a dealer faces and the second listed the focal points of the marketers. These two lists I have hung in our small conference room showing the incongruence between the two and how we have to teach from their standpoint first while still fulfilling our needs. In addition, The Fastrax Program (which is an exciting and proven financial tool) will do nothing but benefit my Brand Managers and our Dealers when we take this to the field. Mark and Greg put on an exceptional class and it is our jobs now to take it to the streets and infect our dealers with these tools to help better manage their businesses. Mark Mullen – Susser Petroleum



LJT Management was highly recommended to us by another retailer for whom LJT had previously coached; we were building a new location and since we had no c-store/gas station experience (we are a construction company) we hired LJT to be our business coach and consultant. They implemented all systems, policies and procedures, store layout, merchandising, vendor negotiation, daily and monthly accounting and pricing strategies for the entire operation just to mention a few for our c-store, car wash and fuel.  The operation has far exceeded our projections and is very profitable; I would recommend LJT Management for any c-store retailer that isn’t our competition.Natalie Castillo – Aten Express, El Centro CA


A great session, great tools and coaching . . . our customers enjoyed it and learned a lot. I think it was the right thing at the right time.Bill Tome, Mark Oil Company – Charlotte, NC


Thanks to you, your instructors and support staff for their assistance and support of the Shell V-Power training.  The achieved results would not have been possible.  80% of the cashiers in the wholesale markets correctly answered the mystery shop question.  In fact, the Get Better Mileage cashier product knowledge results last summer were 56% with each site receiving a CBT (computer based training) CD and cashier brochures, but no site level classroom training sessions.  The Shell V-Power results of 80% represents a 43% improvement!  Thanks again.David Panneton – Coordinator, Training Design & Development – Shell Oil Products US


Thanks, Bonnie.
Certainly appreciate it.  Ken and I got sooooo much from Mark’s (and your) presentations last week.  Almost too much! haha.  We’ve started putting it to use.

Again, thanks.

Brenda Gaston/Oscar’s Market – Vancouver, WA


I had an opportunity to sit in on portions of three different Financial Strategy classes this week and I wanted to drop you a note to say “well done”.  John Kleine is meeting with the BPAMA National Board this week and I’m meeting w/ BP’s leadership team next week and we will be able to speak first hand about the quality and appropriateness of the material as well as the first class delivery!Thanks for a great effort.Garry P Ryan, Business Relations Mgr


We started a new training program under LJT consultation in 2008, and we achieved the highest customer service satisfaction scores in Japan in C-Store industry in 2011.

What differentiates LJT is that they suggest us the most appropriate action plan based on a very close market research and understanding Seicomart’s business characteristics.  Their enjoyable and effective class and visual training materials is also excellent. The most important point I would like to emphasize is it changed our store staff behavior. As a result of LJT Training, they started to consider the purpose and meaning of their action, and led them to behave naturally and appropriately when serving our customers.

Now the effect of the LJT training has prevailed not only to store staffs, trainers and supervisors, but also to all departments of our company.

Tomoyasu Marutani, President – Seicomart Co., LTD