R.E.A.P (Walk the Store)

The “Ready to Retail” training program encompasses all areas of a C-store operation by offering different training tracks for all channels of personnel who supply, support and/or operate a C-store location.It all begins with the “core” training track “Ready to Retail R.E.A.P.” (Retail Excellence Action Process) this training track is the foundation for understanding and fulfilling the customer wants and needs on a consistent basis.

This class is designed for marketers, operators and managers, this 1 ¾ day workshop trains the participant to walk their store as a customer. It is a very hands-on workshop that includes: implementing best business practices, group exercises in seeing the site as a customer to improve the customer experience, on-site visit exercises, it also includes a mobile web app that creates, action plans, tasks charts and is site specific.

The results of previous R.E.A.P. workshops-when executed: increase in Mystery Shop scores, increase in store sales and increase in fuel volume, all have been credited to a total better buying experience for the customer.

This classroom interactive training track utilizes research, group exercises, store visits, support systems, classroom follow-up procedures, technology tools, action plans and an individual store result tracking system for measuring growth.


F.A.Q.s about R.E.A.P.


1. Who should attend?

Retailers, Marketers, and Store Managers

2. How long is the workshop?

1 ¾ days


3. What are the workshop objectives?

-To improve the customer experience
-To improve Mystery Shop scores
-To retain your customer base
-To grow the business including sales and profits

4. What are the takeaways from the Ready to Retail Workshop?

– The Ready to Retail Web Application
– Forms for implementation of the concepts taught
– Training tools for employees

5. What is R.E.A.P.?

Retail Excellence Action Process
– R.E.A.P. is a process and procedure system to make the business ready for customers on a Daily Basis
– R.E.A.P. can be done by everyone at the store
– The Web Application generates action plans for shared store maintenance and visual appeal

6. Who can I contact about the details of R.E.A.P. including costs and scheduling?

– Bonnie Wells for scheduling: bonniew@ljtusa.com
– For workshop pricing and information about the program: mwells@ljtusa.com
– For information about the course and general workshop information:

  1. mwells@ljtusa.com
  2. markh@ljtusa.com


7. What does the Web Application look like?



8. Can the Web Application be customized to your Brand?