Retail Petroleum and Convenience Store Training & Consulting


Training Retailers Advanced C-store Knowledge Systems

The CSR training tracks are designed for existing or new CSRs to enhance their retail skills of store operations, the training tracks are express tracks. Each express track is 2 or 2 ½ hours depending on which training track is selected.


CSR Training Tracks Menu and Overview

Premier Guestomer Service-A Cut Above

The goal of this training track is to have the CSR view the business through the eyes of their Guestomers and make changes in interaction skills that will improve Guestomer loyalty and sales and profits. Competing with chain convenience stores in today’s environment many independent operators believe they don’t have the resources available to grow their business. In this interactive training track CSRs will determine the “needed nine” why a customer chooses a convenience store to shop. CSRs will be trained on how to look at their store from a customer’s perspective and to develop a plan of action to implement better inter-personal skills to execute a consistent positive guestomer experience each and every time they visit.

Know Your Core Products

From the Customer’s perspective, the one behind the counter should be the one with all the answers. This seminar will introduce the CSR to basic product knowledge of the convenience store industry. Based on the type of c-store, we will discuss brand loyalty, fuel and oil basics, credit and loyalty card features as well as how to use existing store programs in place. Videos, quizzes, and FAQs will be used to enforce the take-aways in this training track.

Positive Upselling-No Questions Asked

The CSR will be the first to tell you they don’t like upselling. They feel they are pressuring their customers and they hate to constantly be told ‘no’. This seminar not only addresses the obstacles of suggestive selling, it re-trains the CSR with positive upselling techniques unique to LJT Management. Exercises include calculating the impact of an add-on sale, identifying types of purchases and bundling opportunities. Employees learn ‘Tell them don’t Sell them’© and will understand how upselling does not necessarily mean asking for the sale.

ACTIVE Merchandising for the CSR

Merchandising is a verb. A verb requires action. This training track focuses on the four main activities at the store to make the customer’s buying experience both enjoyable and profitable for the company. We will identify the 4Fs of merchandising and show examples of why they are important to the success of the convenience store. CSRs will look at the store through the eyes of a customer and see how effective store merchandising creates a better and more profitable buying experience. Exercises include slide show examples of the good, the bad and the ugly of actual merchandising opportunities.

ACTIVE Merchandising for the CSR

Complaints cost the business in both long and short term. In this seminar, we will take the pro-active approach of preventing complaints from happening to avoid the time consuming and frustrating job of handling complaints. We will look at what it takes to satisfy a customer and how to retain them in the event there is an issue on-site. Exercises will include how to diffuse an angry customer and communication skills development for the CSR.