Retail Petroleum and Convenience Store Training & Consulting

School of Dealer Development



School of Convenience Store Dealer Development

  • Offer Wholesalers/Jobbers a dealer development program for their new and/or existing dealers.
  • Offer people new to the convenience store industry a complete school of fundamentals to operate in today’s environment.
  • Offer existing dealers an opportunity for further education in the convenience store business.


  • Instruct new or existing dealers of convenience stores about aspects of utilizing and implementing “Best Practices” in daily, monthly and yearly operations of their retail site.
  • Instruct attendees on the opportunities for growing their convenience store business.

About the School

  • 5 Days of power training covering all aspects of the convenience store operation.
  • Specific brand training included for products and programs offered by a brand.
  • Complete analysis of dealer’s capabilities and areas needed for improvement reports through the Business Skills Assessment Program, before and after the training.
  • “State of the Art” interactive curriculum.
  • All workbooks and manuals are furnished.
  • Computers used for daily books, FasTrax® Professional for Financial Analysis and Tracking of operations.
  • Facilitated by industry experts that owned and operated convenience stores.
  • Each training segmented tested for understanding of materials trained.