Retail Petroleum and Convenience Store Training & Consulting

Wholesale Jobber & Marketing Representative T.R.A.C.K.S

Training Retailers Advanced C-store Knowledge Systems

The Wholesaler/Jobber and Marketing Representative training tracks are designed for participants to enhance their knowledge working with diverse retailers and their operations, how to improve profitability and sales growth for their network of stores. These interactive training tracks are 1 to 2 days depending on the training track selected and can be brand specific as needed.

Wholesaler/Jobber and Marketing Rep. Training Tracks Menu and Overview

Counseling and Coaching Diverse Retailers

The Jobber Representative today has to have an understanding of how Ethnic Americans do business and about their native culture and how that affects the way they do business as well as the relationships that can be built with these dealers. This content rich training track includes video interviews with the most common cultures that are in the industry today. LJT’s impactful coaching techniques will focus on “how to get results” not on coaching theory. Exercises include practicing the coaching techniques that are presented in workshop and preparing a coaching business plan for a specific retailer. This is the starting block to all modules of this track.

Understanding C-Store Financials

One of the most beneficial skills a Marketing Rep can have is the ability to understand the C-Store financial reports. Students will analyze a profit and loss statement by key business categories (fuel, store other APC’s) and identify red flags of financial management by using available source documents and accessible data. FASTRAX© Professional business analysis software will be provided and used extensively in this training track.

Becoming a Merchandising Resource

To become a well-rounded dealer resource the Jobber Representative needs to understand category management and category drivers as well as controllable merchandising issues that drive sales. Focus will be on category management and merchandising to their target customer demographic with a focus on the correlation between better product mix and better profits. Participants will study the NACS Category Benchmarks and study the difference between Margin and Mark-up.

FASTRAX© Professional: A Management Tool

Coaching retailers can now be part of job description for your Marketing Representatives. In this training track we will train the marketing representative to not only know how to use FASTRAX©, but when to use it. The value of this tool is priceless for a marketing representative charged with helping retailers improve their business profits and performance. This Windows software was designed by coaches to use and is an easy to learn, easy to customize and easy to use software program. It is the only Software designed for your representatives.

Prospecting for New Jobber Customers

Every jobber who wants to grow should have a retailer prospecting plan. This training track not only helps develop a plan but provides marketing representatives with a system, processes, and procedures to gain a competitive advantage by focusing on the value of your supply agreement.
In this training track, we focus on selling “value”. The topics include understanding and selling to the different retailer types, developing a field contact sheet and follow up system, identifying obstacles and setting goals.

Project Financial Viability

Using FASTRAX©, participants will work with such concepts as the Time Value of Money, Net Present Value, Discount Factor, Rate of Return and others to best evaluate the viability of a proposed investment in a project or customer. This hands-on training track has students complete a case study to forecast how profitable a proposed project will be for the company.