Retail Petroleum and Convenience Store Training & Consulting



At LJT Management Training Services, we have a variety of training courses available, basic and advanced type curriculums.  The training topics are designed to provide flexibility for not only the level of participants attending but the time frame for each workshop.  Depending on the client’s needs, each workshop can be adjusted from a quick hit workshop of 2 hours to a 2-3 day training workshop.  The difference between basic and advanced workshops are the materials provided and the individual and group exercises developed.

In many advanced training workshops the participants utilize their own information from a list of materials needed for the training workshops, materials such as P&L Statements, Inventory Records, and Merchandising Photos of their own stores, Vendor Invoices, and Promotional Materials they have produced. In addition, the advanced curriculum retailers will be utilizing our proprietary software FasTrax for planning, tracking and analysis of their locations.


As the retail oil industry has evolved into a Wholesale and Jobber driven business, LJT Management has worked in developing training for our Wholesale/Jobber sector to help build a better retailer.  History has shown that a better retailer will be a more stable customer to the Wholesaler supplying them.  LJT works within jobber/wholesaler organizations to develop training seminars for not only first time petroleum retailers,  but experienced retailers who could benefit from hidden profits. LJT can develop a program,  train it as outside consultants,  or train the existing trainers. LJT also has sales staff training to help create a better working relationship between the wholesaler/jobber and their customers.